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Employers support the work of the UK Career Academy Foundation both financially and, more important, practically.  The menu on the left of this page takes you to more detailed information about some of the opportunities available to you, but briefly, you can help our work by providing:  

  • internships – industry specific placements for six weeks during the summer paying students between 6 and 7 an hour. 

  • time for employee volunteers to act as coaches to young people throughout the year.  

  • seminars and events for students that complement their curriculum studies.

  • support by senior business leaders on Academy Advisory Boards.

  • job-shadowing experiences for teachers and students

  • practice interviews and curriculum vitae development workshops.

  • work placements, job shadowing and training opportunities for teachers

  • critical input on the design of industry-based, career-orientated curriculum material.

  • in-kind and financial support for Academy activities

How does my business benefit from involvement?

Making your company a leader in the community
By providing systemic and sustained support for the programme, the Foundation’s business partners demonstrate their commitment to education and to community development.  Participating employers say that their involvement has improved recognition of their companies as community leaders.  An advantage of Career Academies compared with some other community link programmes is that they produce outcomes that can be properly measured, evaluated and reported.  As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, your involvement can have clear, accountable impact
Nurturing the workforce of tomorrow
As your business strives to remain competitive, you need increasingly sophisticated employees with the training and flexibility to excel.   Just as important, you need people who have mastered the ‘soft skills’ – the ability to communicate effectively, take ownership of their work, use initiative, work as team members and solve problems, with a developed sense of customer focus.  Where students go on to university, they are more prepared than their peers to participate actively in their learning and link theoretical knowledge to practical understanding.  They are also likely, on leaving university, to have loyalty to the company that helped them to get there.
By supporting the Foundation and participating in the Academies’ education process, business partners help create cadres of highly talented potential employees to fill tomorrow’s increasingly complex jobs.  Providing these opportunities for young people – and serving as an essential pipeline for workforce development – are among the central tenets of the Foundation’s philosophy.
Developing your employees
Through encouraging your employees to participate and providing release time for Academy activities, you can develop your current as well as the potential workforce.  Staff who work with students have a rare opportunity to practise and develop their own skills and competences in a 'safe' yet real environment.  Many companies also consider their employees’ involvement positively as part of their appraisal systems, so boosting morale, loyalty and improving retention.  Working with the Foundation can help you develop these skills in your staff team:
  • problem solving
  • managing change
  • awareness of education
  • marketing/pr
  • continuous improvement
  • communication  
  • presentation
  • coaching
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • planning and organising
  • business awareness
  • customer care
  • performance management
Impact on teams
An internship will be a positive learning experience for the student but they can also have a positive impact on the team.  This can include: a fresh, questioning approach; the introduction of recent academic theory and models; all delivered with youthful energy and enthusiasm.
Enhancing workforce diversity
The Foundation’s commitment to a growing presence in the UK’s urban centres helps connect a broad range of students to employers who value diversity and its significant business improvement opportunities.  These can include enhanced brand awareness amongst a wider customer base and a broader understanding of customer and employee needs.
Join a powerful network
The Foundation’s business partners participate in a peer group of visionary leaders with extraordinary national and international reach.  Academy supporters gain access to specially tailored events, allowing business representatives to network, share information, meet policy makers and collaborate in developing innovative and responsible business practice.   
If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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