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Welcome graduates!

You are one of over 5,500 graduates from the Career Academy programme since we launched in 2002.  We are keen to continue to stay in contact with you, to keep you involved and offer you opportunities to network with each other and with our supporters.

This is not the end of your Career Academy journey

We have several ways you can stay in contact with us:

  • For keeping in touch with other graduates and employers, LinkedIn is an invaluable professional networking tool. The Alumni group provides useful tips and opportunities specifically for Career Academy alumni.
  • We post regular updates on our Twitter feed, and we like to hear from graduates, and often retweet them. We appreciate a @mention too!
  • We also post frequently on Facebook  and would like to hear from you there.
  • Don’t forget our monthly e-newsletter, packed with news from Career Academies across the UK. To ensure you're on our mailing list, please register in the members' area

You may have some other ideas about ways we can stay in touch, so please do let us know your thoughts.

Pass it on

There are many ways you can contribute to the ongoing work of Career Academies UK:

  • We’re always looking for new case studies for our PR. Would you like to contribute to one of these? Your story could inspire a teenager to join a Career Academy and make a change in their life for the better.
  • As you are aware, we run an annual programme of events – perhaps you’d like to act as a speaker?
  • For those of you that benefited from a mentor perhaps you want to ‘give something back’ and now mentor your own student. 
  • Talk to your employers and contacts about supporting Career Academies UK.

If you’re interested in any of the above, then please get in touch using the Contact us area on this website.

We love these quotes from past graduates:

If you would like to make any comments about your experience, or be part of a case study, please Contact us.

“I would also recommend the programme to potential students; it is simply an excellent opportunity for anyone, especially so given the current economic climate and competition for jobs. It can easily be what sets your CV apart and gets you an interview. Also in terms of personal development, there is no better way of gaining workplace experience and learning on the job.”

Pete, Career Academy graduate, now working at Barclays Wealth

“The Career Academy has made a huge difference to my life.  Since starting the programme, I have become more professional and it has helped me to realise that endless possibilities are open to me.  The only thing stopping me before was myself.  I am much more determined than I was before, my confidence has improved, and I have a positive outlook on life.”  

Dayana, Career Academy graduate, now working at HSBC