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Career Academies UK

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Career Academies UK is a registered charity, independent of government. Our Trustees and Advisory Board, all senior figures in the worlds of business and education, determine the ways we develop, looking at the content of the programmes we promote, our partners or our rate of growth in various parts of the country.

This business-driven independence is important. But it doesn't mean that we ignore any political party's aspirations for improving young people's learning, or increasing the scale and impact of business engagement in education.

When we believe that what the government is doing is right, we work in synergy with their programmes and policy. We speak out when we think there might be a better solution to a problem. Always remembering that the people we most want to help are the students served by our programmes and their prospective future employers.

So when we do get involved with government sponsored projects, we can speak authoritatively and act with integrity. We have no party political axe to grind.

We are proud to be involved in the 14 - 19 education and skills debate. Whether that be over the introduction of new qualifications, the importance of employability and enterprise skills, or the need for  better career awareness and high quality, independent, information advice and guidance.

Where we can make a difference, we're delighted to work with national, regional and local partners to support communities in areas of social need. We're committed to ensuring that our knowledge of corporate responsibility is used to help employers get the maximum benefit for all from their engagement in the community.

Most of all, we welcome dialogue. If we could help you deliver your objectives, please contact us.