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Parents and Carers

What is the Career Academy programme?

A Career Academy is a two-year programme, for 16 to 19-year-olds, supported by some of the biggest names in British business. Students joining a Career Academy within their school or college benefit from:

  • support for their learning
  • a four to six-week internship (many of them paid) with a local employer during the summer
  • special employer-led masterclasses, seminars and company visits
  • one-to-one mentoring by an experienced employee volunteer
  • networking opportunities with other Career Academy students around the UK.

Schools and colleges offering the Career Academy programme are part of a national movement led by Career Academies UK, a registered charity.

What qualifications do Career Academy students achieve?

Career Academy students follow a two-year programme alongside study equivalent to at least three A levels, enabling them to progress to higher education or the world of work. The exact Career Academy programme may vary. The relevant teacher at your local Career Academy will be able to discuss this in more detail.

What are the other benefits of the programme?

Career Academies help young people achieve their full potential. Hand in hand with the qualifications and workplace experience, Career Academy students develop valuable life skills, such as time management, interview techniques, public speaking etc. and significantly grow in confidence.

How do students sign up?

Competition for places is stiff. Students are selected by their school or college on the basis of the application they submit and their commitment to work hard.

Where do Career Academy students progress to?

The unique combination of classroom teaching and ‘real’ experience of the world of work shows students just where their studies can take them. Over 85% of graduates go on to Higher Education or directly into employment or work based learning such as apprenticeships or school leaver programmes.

What support can parents and carers provide?

As with all study programmes, family support is invaluable. In preparing for the world of work, Career Academy students are often encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone. It’s also important to understand that the internship – a highlight of the programme – takes place for six weeks during the summer. This may disrupt arrangements for family holidays. Career Academies incorporate visits out of the classroom more generally throughout the two years of the programme.

You may feel that this programme is something that you or your organisation could get involved with. There are always opportunities to provide internships, become a mentor, present to a Career Academy class or join a Career Academy Local Advisory Board. Please get in touch with your local Career Academy to find out more.

Where can I go for further information?

Schools and colleges offering the Career Academy programme will be happy to tell you more, including details of exactly how it operates locally. Please get in touch with your local Career Academy to find out more.

"My son is really enjoying the experience - it’s improved his confidence and his learning. His commitment and his approach to opportunities around him and his determination to achieve the best he possibly can has been refreshing and admirable. We -  his family and friends around him, see and appreciate all that he has become and achieved. Furthermore, we can see how much he has grown and how focused he now is.  I have deep appreciation for Career Academies UK."

Lanre’s Mum, Bosede

“The Career Academy allows the student to see the real world with their own eyes and therefore understand the importance of being responsible and working hard. Both my daughters are now more confident and have a clear vision of what they want from their lives. I would definitely recommend it.”

Agne and Leva's Mum, Remigija

“I would recomend the Career Academy programme to anyone. The experience that you get out of it is invaluable. Since undertaking the internship, I’ve decided to change my career path for the better, as I’ve been able to get a real glimpse of working life. It will also look great on my CV and will give me an advantage ahead of many other graduates who have not had such hands-on experiences of the working world.”

Annette, Career Academy Graduate