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Career Ready pilot programme

Career Ready

What is Career Ready?

Career Ready is a pilot programme for students aged 16-19, aimed at preparing them for the world of work.

Career Ready brings together employers, schools and colleges to prepare students for the workplace. Career Academies UK has a twelve-year track record in this area, and the new programme combines our experience with a new secure digital platform to extend our reach to even more young people. 

Career Ready will provide young people with masterclasses, workplace visits and e-mentoring, alongside their current programme of study. There is a digital Skills Tracker to help students monitor their development. The progamme lasts for 16 months and students will receive a certificate on completion.

Why are we doing it?

Career Academies UK works with 4,000 volunteers from local and national businesses. New government careers guidance calls on schools to inspire and inform students through regular contact with the world of work and cites Career Academies UK as a "go-to" organisation for employer engagement. 

Who is participating in the pilot?

Over 750 Year 12 students from nine schools took part in Career Ready in phase one of the pilot in 2013/2014.  Phase two rolls out in September 2014, which will see approximately 1,200 students from 12 schools participate over 16 months (September 2014-February 2016).   

How can you get involved?

Career Ready is a cost-effective way for companies to engage with students, to develop their own workforce, demonstrate their corporate values and gain direct access to a talent pool. Independent research shows that employees engaging with our programme also benefit in terms of professional and personal development. 
There are several ways employers can get involved with the Career Ready programme:by hosting masterclasses or workplace visits, or providing e-mentors.


E-mentors are a crucial element in the student’s journey from education to the workplace, providing guidance, motivation and helping them to complete tasks. Career Ready provides a structured programme to help mentors and mentees maintain a strong relationship. Training is provided for all mentors.

E-mentoring takes place over the course of 16 months. As a mentor, you will be matched with up to two students, and communicate with them through a secure digital platform.

Please note that we have currently reached our required quota for this year and we would ask you to consider face-to-face mentoring instead. However, spaces may become available and if you would like to know more or be considered for any spaces that might arise, please contact [email protected].