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Hot topics

Career Academy tutors have told us that they are especially keen for masterclasses to cover any of the following topics.  This list is not exhaustive, so if your area of expertise is not mentioned here, they will still be very keen to hear from you!

  • Round table discussion / Q&A with employers
  • Current and future trends in your industry (eg, demographics; nature of work; distribution channels; product innovations)
  • Types of employer: multinational; SME; not-for-profit etc
  • What HR / IT / Research / Marketing & PR etc teams do in different types of organisation
  • Organisation aims and objectives, including how functional departments contribute to the achievement of these 
  • Key stakeholders
  • Customer service / customer characteristics and needs
  • Organisational planning, including planning for survival and growth
  • Reporting organisational performance
  • Business start up (eg, financial and legal considerations; sources of advice)
  • Financial needs (eg, debt and equity)
  • Regulation and ethics
  • Global economy (eg, factors shaping demand/supply/market competitiveness; the influence of the EU on UK business; changes in the global economy; macro-economic policy)
  • Impact of local economic factors
  • Research and development
  • The role of auditors, the legal profession etc in business
  • Internal and external constraints
  • Risk management
  • Software systems
  • Online business

Employability hot topics

  • Career paths
  • Employer expectations (job applications, interviews etc)
  • Business dress and etiquette
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Health and safety
  • Performance management appraisal