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Jack, Waseley Hills High School

Jack completed the Career Academy programme in 2009 and is now studying Business and Management at Aston University.

When I signed up to the Career Academy I didn't realise how useful it would be or how many doors it would open. I made presentations to local business people, have seen how a meeting works and I now have a greater understanding of what happens within an office - which will be a huge advantage for me later on in life. The conversations I've had and the people I've met along the way have been really interesting.

The internship is what makes the Career Academy experience stand out. From my experience at Lloyds TSB, I gained a variety of new skills but the work I did was also clearly valued. Part of my internship enabled me to visit the Lloyds TSB head office where I had the privilege of meeting Chris Wiscarson, the Director of Group IT & Operations. In addition I saw a range of the internal workings first hand, including a room which looked like the bridge on Star Trek where I could see how much money had been deposited and withdrawn on that day. It was only 1pm and the number was already in the tens of billions. I was amazed!

Some of my time at Lloyds TBS was spent working in the area of complaints. This showed me how to analyse complaints and taught me to see the reasoning behind the complaints made. The workplace knowledge I leant from my internship is endless; I'll remember those six weeks for the rest of my life.

One of the most valuable parts of the Career Academy programme that I'll take away with me is my Partner in Business, Julia Tristram. Julia works for Coventry Building Society and always made it clear that she was on the end of the phone and has been helpful whenever I needed her.

Thanks to the Career Academy, I've been able to travel to London for the Graduation Ceremony at Central Hall in Westminster. We also visited Hamley's in Leicester Square at night and Westminster where we waved to the Queen!  The Career Academy programme has allowed me to have both fun and professional experiences, such as going to ITV's ‘Central News' in the Midlands and meeting the presenter, Arti Halai; and visiting Goldman Sachs.

Being able to put the Career Academy on my CV is an enormous advantage. I'm proud to put it on my CV now and for years to come. I think that the Career Academy programme punches well above its weight. Many business leaders want to be associated with it because of the positive impact it has on the organisations and most importantly the students.